Faxing from Outlook 2003


Julie Dietrich

We are in Queensland Australia. In Outlook when we type a
fax number it is automatically formatted for you and
prefixed with the area code (07)nnnn-nnnn. We can dial
this number manually with the zero in front.

However, when we try to fax to a Canon L1000 fax machine
(via File / Print option) the phone numbers show prefixed
with the international code 61. This results in the
number +61(07)nnnnnnnn. This number in invalid and can
not be dialled as you have to drop the zero from the area
code if using the international code.

My questions is whether there is any way of reformatting
the number do drop either the international code or the
zero when faxing via a physical fax machine.

We have found that if you are faxing via a Fax / Modem you
can use the Dialling rules but these don't take effect
when faxing via printing.

Any help would be appreciated.


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