fax software recommendations?


T.J. Sutcliffe

I had previously been succesfully using Winfax with Outlook 2000.
My work computer was recently upgraded and I now have Windows XP
/ Outlook 2002. Our MIS department installed Winfax Pro 10, but I
understand from slipstick & this group that these programs are

I've looked briefly at some of the various fax software options
listed on slipstick. Does anyone have recommendations or know of
sites where users have reviewed some of the more common software
packages? How happy are people using Windows XP Fax with Fax4Outlook?

Generally, I would like to be able to receive faxes and to use my
Outlook contacts and use distribution lists in Outlook to send
broadcast faxes of Word, Excel documents to groups of contacts.

Many thanks,
T.J. Sutcliffe





Depends on what you are looking to do. I am a reseller of several fax
software products built for both enterprise and small business
www.faxcore.com is our latest product built on .NET. What exactly are you
looking to do?


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