Fanless or near fanless PC 2014 ? (sub 5 watts)


Skybuck Flying

wrote in message
"sms" wrote in message

I got one for "free" as they were part of the swag at a recent trade
show (also a Samsung Gear 2 watch) that cost $50. This is not something
to use for gaming.

The normal price is around $150 but that's without memory or storage.

Swag ? Like a give away ? Or like an extra ? Or what is swag ? :):):)

From Wiki...

"Swag, promotional items given away at trade fairs and events"

Probably originated from:

"Swag, slang originating in the early 1800s for stolen goods or

But is swag free ? Or a product sold for a big discount ? Or can it be
bought ? :)



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