Fan Combo




I will soon upgrade my computer case and fans and PSU. I have been
having some trouble finding a good fan combination so I want to run
this combo by you. Please tell me if it is both quiet and will provide
adequate cooling.

1 Thermaltake 120MM Fan (rear, exhausting) 78CFM 21 dba

3 Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000 LED - 80mm (front, top, PSU ,2 exhausting
and front inhaling

1 Thermal Take 80MM Fan (side, exhaling) 21 dba, 27 CFM

Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 Ultra TCL ( heatsink for P4 socket 478)
42CFM, 18-21 dba (thermal regulator)

I will also be using a manual 5.25 Drive bay fan controller but I will
most likely leave all on low (7v)except fot the Thermal take 120mm.
Will this provide adequate cooling and keep quiet.

P.S. All of these items can be found at which I recommend
you check out for there low prices and it is good for case modders.


Asus P4C800 Mobo
ATI Radeon Graphics Card (no heatsink or cooling fan installed on it)
1GB DDR Memory
Intel P4 w/ HT technology
1 USB PCI card
1 550 watt PSU
Thanks :)



Dave B.

I'm not going to go looking to review the fans, but with the quantity, it's
not likely that it's going to be all that quiet. Kind of overkill if you ask

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