fake checkbox based off lookup column




For our Holiday Card list, I ditched our checkboxes and created a lookup
column which shows each member who requested a particular contractor receive
a holiday card. So for Contractor Henry, maybe 3 out of the five members
requested him. (unfortunately we do need to track this as they work out who
gets cards and who doesn't).

I used to have a neat list of each recipient with checkboxes lined up
showing who requested the recipient. In the new version, I was able to get as
far as having a checkbox show a checkmark or no check mark based on who
selected the person.

The problem I am having is that I get a full row of checkboxes for each
individual who selected someone. For example:
Contractor Henry (MemberA checkbox checked and all others
(Member B checkbox checked and all others
(Member D checkbox checked and all others
Contractor Beth (Member A checkbox checked and all others
(Member F checkbox checked and all
others unchecked.)

I have the report based off a query and the checkboxes are in a subreport
with a query that matches member to contractor in a separate query based off
the report query.

Is it possible to have a single row of checkboxes with every one that needs
checking, checked on the same row?

If I should have kept using checkboxes I can switch it back...

All help is appreciated.

Allen Browne

Sounds like you need 3 tables:
- Member table, with MemberID primary key
- Contractor table, with ContractorID primary key
- Cards table to determine which contractors get holiday cards from which

The Cards table will have 2 fields:
MemberID Number relates to Member.MemberID
ContractorID Number relates to Contractor.ContractorID

On your Members form, you add a subform bound to the Cards table. The
subform is in Continuous Form view, and had a combo box for selecting the
contractor. Add as many rows to the subform as applicable to the member in
the main form.

With that structure, you can then build a crosstab query to give you the
matrix, with members at the left, contractors across the top, and a yes/no
value at the intersection point.


I am working on this build right now, in hopes that it will be working for
next season. Thank you so much for the instructions, they are very clear.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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