Failing to save settings



I am using Windows XP Home Edition. Recently, I do not seem to be able to
save my settings anymore. I have noticed that in several areas:

- Folder view settings: I can't apply permanent view settings to folders
anymore, the view changes back to the (wrong) default for whatever it had
been before. I can't specifiy the folder type anymore
(music/pictures/documents...) and can't choose a picture to display on the
thumbnail version either.

- Favourites: In my favourites menu, I can't sort the favourite by names
anymore, parts of them get collapsed, and if I drag and drop a folder to
another location, this step has been reverted when I check back.

- Desktop icons: I can't rearrange my desktop icons anymore, it always goes
back to the previous view as well.

- Internet security settings: If I select "permanently allow pop-ups from
this site", it will prompt me again the next time I try to open a pop-up (it
took me a while to get this question window to open).

I have noticed an error message, something like: "Failing to store in
registry", which came up a few times when I was downloading and saving
documents or pictures to my hard drive or external hard drive.

Somehow none of my settings are stored. How can I fix this?

Help is much appreciated.



Here are some thing to do...

Folder Views:
"Folder View Master" by MVP Keith Miller. (no homepage) or

Just follow its directions.

Favorites, Desktop Icons, Internet Explorer:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



1. Copy between the lines.
2. Paste into notepad. Bottom two lines, no word-wrap.
3. Save-as ResetMenuOrder.reg (or any name + .reg)
4. Double-click or right-click and merge into the Registry.
5. Restart and see if anything is better now.


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