Extracting the slides from a custom slide show into a new presenta


Keith Howard

I have a PowerPoint 2007 file containing 4 custom slides shows. I would like
to extract the slides relating to one show into a new PowerPoint file. There
are two reasons for this: 1) The recipient does not have PowerPoint 2007. 2)
Even if he did, there is security issue, in that I do not want to give out
the information relating to the other 3 slide shows.

I am aware that you can print the specific slides relating to a Custom Slide
Show to a PDF file, but this is cumbersome, because I could not find a way to
automatically feed the specific slides numbers into the print routine, so I
had to enter them manually.

Any other ideas? Thank you.

Keith Howard


The easiest way to copy only part of the slides is to make a copy of the
entire slide set. Save as a new name and then go into Slide Sorter View and
delete the slides you don't want the person to have. Save again with the
new name and you have a complete abbreviated slide set you can send to the
person. You can save as a PowerPoint show in Office 97-2003 format and it
can be viewed either with an older version of PowerPoint that they may have
or with the free PPT viewer available for download from Microsoft.


Thanks a lot Steve for this. This works.

But now I am having trouble in priniting slides which have got data and
formats imported from MS Excel 2007. Those slide when gets converted to pdf
page, gets distorted and have distorted view.

Can someone please help me on this.

Many Thanks

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