Extract text from a picture



I have a Word document that is made up of pictures of text and I want to
extract the text. I convert the document to a PDF file and then converted it
back to both txt and rtf documents. The pictures were gone in the .txt file
and were simply converted back to pictures in the .rtf document. The
original creator referred to a "text selection tool" to do this, but I can't
find this tool anywhere and the original creator is not available to me.
Does anyone know of such a tool or some way to do this?



You need to use an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to convert
the image of text to actual text.
If you have a scanner, OCR is usually part of the app. If you have Acrobat
then OCR there is a function to OCR PDF files.
Word cannot do this.
(Unless 2010 has something new?)
Best of luck

Graham Mayor

To convert a picture containing text to editable text you need OCR software.
If the picture is in TIF format you can use Microsoft Office Document
Imaging which is included with recent versions of Office (certainly 2003 &
2007) but not installed by default.

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