external networked hard drive



I have a 320GB hard drive in an Icy Box enclosure. I want it to show as a
drive which is partitioned as 5 x 60GB partitions and 1 x 20 GB partition.
It is currently showing as a folder. How can I change it?


I will assume you have your drive connected by it's network port (you
didn't say how it was connected).

To have your drive show up as a 'drive' in Windows Explorer you will have
to mount the drive(s) as network mapped drives.
You'll find the options under the 'Extra' menu in Windows Explorer, and you
just have to follow the wizard to set each partition up with their own
drive letter.
Once correctly mapped, each drive will show in Windows Explorer, although
the icon will be slightly different from a fixed drive such as your "C:"
drive, which won't have the little pipe sticking into the underside on the
icon like your networked drives will have.

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