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I'm having a problem exporting a phone number field to an Excel spreadsheet.
The field in the query has an input property setting "!999\-000\-0000;;_"
that displays the phone number correctly in an Access report, ie. (000-000-
0000) but when I export it to the spread sheet, large portions of the data
display as (0000000000} no dashes. The input field on my Access form has the
correct input mask.

My current Access table was originally imported from a spreadsheet, so a
large number of the entries are original. Is the problem with the way they
were origianlly formated? Why doesn't the mask on the query export the
correct format to the spreadsheet?

Any comments appreciated! Thanks in advance.




As far as I know, the input mask simply displays on *screen* how you wish it
to appear. They are however stored as a single string with no dashes etc.
The information is therefore exported as it is stored in the table.


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