Export data - default delimiter



While exporting data from a table to a txt file using a macro (‘transfer
text’ with ‘Export delimited’ option) I’m getting the data delimited by
‘semicolon’ instead of with ‘comma’. This gives me error while importing data
in another computer. I had to change the delimiter to ‘comma’ using a text
editor for importing. How do I change the default delimiter to ‘Comma’ in the
exporting computer? I’m using MS Access 2002.

Thanking you in advance.

John Nurick

Hi Gopi,

The default delimiter comes from the Windows regional settings (in the
Control Panel). Most European locales (except the British Isles) use ;
as the default delimiter, so that may be the issue if it's a continental

It may be possible to change the default used by Access without changing
the whole system, by making registry settings (see e.g.
http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistance/HP010321661033.aspx ),
though I've never investigated the detailed implications.

Otherwise, you can set up an import specification on your machine that
uses ; as the delimiter, and use that to import these files in future.
(start importing the file manually, and click the Advanced button in the
text import wizard; this lets you create and save an import

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