Export as XML for an Excel Order form document



I have an order management system that allows me to import xml documents.

I have a spreadsheet I am using as an order form for my salespeople.

I was wondering if there is a way to format my "order form spreadsheet" I
get back from my salesperson and save that as an xml document by applying
some type of mapping.

If this is doable, how to I map the document to know what/how to export the
data into logical xml format.

Here is sort of what I am looking for:

Cell A1 is the Customer Name
Cell A2 is the Customer Street Address
Cell A3 is the City
Cell B3 is the State
Cell C3 is the Zip Coce
Cell A5 is Item No. 123
Cell B5 is the Qty Ordered
Cell A6 is Item No. 124
Cell B6 is the Qty Ordered

I would like something like this.

<Name>Joe Smith</Name>
<Address>123 Main St</Address>

Thank you for your time.


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