Explorer Search... messed up?




I've recently noticed that the Explorer right-click search doesn't work
correctly. Maybe this is well known, but it's the first time I've noticed
this. For example, use a "temporary" folder somewhere and create 2 text
files and change their extension to '.aaa'. Note that the extension cannot
be '.txt' or the problem isn't seen. Name the files something like test_1
and test_2 and keep the '.aaa' extension. Open each file in notepad and add
some text, I used '111' and '222' in each file respectively.

Then go to the temporary folder and initiate a search. Make your first
search "*.aaa". And both files will be found. Then search again using the
*.aaa but this time enter '111' in the "A word or phrase in the file:" box
(remember this says "in the file"). Guess what? test_1.aaa *will not* be

Now here's another strange behavior... Remember the "A word or phrase in the
file:" box? This time type 'test' into the box and run the search. Note that
the text "test" is not in either of the two files, but both files will be

So did microsoft intend for it to behave that way? I would expect a "search"
(especially one intiated from the file explorer) to actually search within
the file(s) it locates that match the pattern. And not for it to choose how
it handles certain file types. I first discovered this problem when
searching for *.as (adobe actionscript) files for specific text. And then I
tried it again using 'unknown' file extensions. The results are the same.

Anyways, if anyone can explain this or knows of a fix or workaround I would
appreciate it.....

thanks in advance!




oopss! sorry folks, i didn't mean to have the "from" of that message be

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