explorer context menus


Doug Bell

If I modify my Registry adding a new key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Use My
App\command with a (Default) Value of C:\Program
Files\Doug\DotNetApps\MyApp.exe "%1" then right clicking on files in the
Explorer Windows opens the context menu with the option "Use My App" and
selecting this runs My App with the selected file name.
Just as I wanted.

The problem I now have is that double clicking a Visual Studio file (.sln)
also starts My App rather than starting my installed program My App instead
of starting Visual Studio.

I also have a problem with the deployment of My App, it adds the new keys to
the registry correctly but leaves me with 2 (Default) keys one blank and one
set as intended. When this happens neither My App or Visual Studion work
from the context menu.

I have hunted the web. Is there some information on the microsoft site on
Explorer Context Menus (not IE Context Menus).



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