Experiencing Blue Screen during Start up!



I have a dell 9100 and upgraded to Vista. Everything worked perfectly until
I tried to install Alcohol 120%. In the middle of the installation I got the
dreaded blue screen of death. Vista does not start in any of the safe mode
options and when I chose to start normally, Vista starts up but goes to the
blue screen within seconds because Vista was still trying to load the drivers
from Alcohol 120%. I still have some documents that I want to save. I tried
dropping in the Vista installation DVD but it doesn't register when I restart
the computer. How do I either remove the faulty Alcohol program and drivers,
or how do I repair Vista, or how do I get back to the factory partition of
windows xp that is located on my hard drive?



Chad Harris

First of all make sure you exhaust all the options at F8. I never use VGA
safe mode for thisbut I do use all 3 safe modes and I use Last Known Good
( a long shot and a registry snapshot but if it works then you're home
free). If those don't work then use Win RE's Startup Repair.

Try F8 Win Adv Options & Win RE:

Do this:

I always try to F8 to the Windows Adv Options Menu>try 3 safe modes there (I
don't use WGA) and Last Known Good>then I go to Win RE in Vista. That gives
you a choice of Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking,and Safe Mode with
Command Prompt.

You will need this reference:

How to start the System Restore tool at a command prompt in Windows XP

The command to use for system restore at the safe mode cmd prompt is:


The reason for doing this is one of these choices may work, when the other
doesn't. My experience is that people do not fully try F8 when they think
or have said they have. It is that they can almost always reach Windows
Advanced Options though.

I would note an important problem seems to be emerging in Vista as more and
more people try Win RE. It does not seem to have the success rate that a
Repair Install from genuine MSFT Media does in XP, and as builds of Vista
march onto RTM, Desmond Lee (Product Manager for Win RE's) team seems to be
unable to fix this. I am not sure Mr. Sinofsky knows what this is or is
that curious to learn. I am sure Mr. Allchin does.

What It Can Do:

If you run Win RE's Startup Repair in Vista, it will try to check and repair
the following and we're taking about under three minutes usually when it
works which is often: (this is not a complete list but a list of major tasks
it can perform):

Registry Corruptions

Missing/corrupt driver files (you don't have to guess here--it looks at all
of them

Missing/corrupt system files (disabled in Beta 2 as is System File Checker
but present newer builds)

Incompatible Driver Installation

Incompatible OS update installations

Startup Repair may offer a dialogue box to use System restore.

How to Use Startup Repair:

***Accessing Windows RE (Repair Environment):***

1) Insert Media into PC (the DVD you burned)

2) ***You will see on the Vista logo setup screen after lang. options in the
lower left corner, a link called "System Recovery Options."***

Screenshot: System Recovery Options (Lower Left Link)

Screenshot: (Click first option "Startup Repair"

3) Select your OS for repair.

4) Its been my experience that you can see some causes of the crash from
theWin RE feature:

You'll have a choice there of using:

1) Startup Repair
2) System Restore
3) Complete PC Restore

Good luck,





I had this problem today.
My fix was Boot up from the Vista DVD and select System restore.

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