Exit animation after video



I have a PPT slide with a number of video clips.

There's a button for each clip which triggers the animation. When the
button is pressed...

- There's an Fade entrance animation that's triggered by the button.
- There's a Play animation set to "After Previous"
- There's a Faded Zoom exit animation set to "After Previous".

The videos usually play perfectly. But sometimes the last second ot two
gets cut off by the exit animation. Am I doing something wrong? It seems
to be pretty random - sometimes it's fine, sometimes not, and different
machines exhibit different behaviour.

I guess one option is just to extend the video clips a bit to take into
account the chopping.





I'd take a look at the advanced timeline in the custom animation pane and
make sure there's no overlap. In the timeline, you can drag the start and
end time of any of the animations.

Kathy Jacobs

Another option is to give the Exit animation a 3 second delay. You can do
this by right clicking the animation, going to the Timing tab and changing
the delay there.

I have found that this kind of cutting off tends to happen on machines where
a lot is going on. I have a laptop that does this sometimes if I don't turn
off all the task bar applications.

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Hi folks,
Thanks to you both for the suggestions!

Glenna - I need an emoticon that shows me kicking myself for not thinking of
the advanced timeline!

It's an intermittent problem so I'm thinking that Kathy might be right, but
I'll insert the "padding" to make sure.


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