Existing/prior correspondence does not appear in contact history.




I have set up BCM (Outlook 2007, Windows 7), and linked contacts to their
respective e-mail addresses. While current correspondence (since linking)
shows up in history, correspondence made prior to linking do not. Is there
something I need to do to populate the contact histories with communications
made prior to linking?

Thank you in advance,


Mark Prouse

Hello JP,

I have come across the same issue. There is however a work around which is not all together obvious which works a treat. As you know the Inbox folder should be being watched for new incoming email as it is received and BCM will then link/copy the email into BCM provided the contact (email address) is in BCM's contact list and the contacts email is flagged as being linked (see Manage Linking and Tracking). This is great and works from the moment forward that the contact was added to BCM but annoyingly does not go through past received emails and import them. However, what you can do having added the contact to BCM is create an new unwatched email folder and put all past emails in that folder and then move them all back to the Inbox watched folder. BCM will then process all the emails moved to the folder as if they have just been received and thus copying all the past emails into BCM.

I hope this helps.


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