Excel VBA in Citrix.

Jan 22, 2015
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Hi there
Here is my scenario.
Client has 2 monitors and has VBA portion of Excel open on monitor 1. On monitor 2 he has a Citrix version of Excel open and other applications.
With Excel in the background or minimized and Word in the foreground (on monitor 2) he clicks on the VBA to do some scripting, this automatically brings Excel to the foreground over his Word Doc on monitor 2. Thing is, he doesn't want this to happen. It also does not happen with Word VBA (in Citrix), and it also doesn't happen with a local version of Excel, only Excel within Citrix.
Does anyone have an idea of how to stop Excel from hijacking the 2nd monitor. I am close to telling him to keep excel on the same side as the VBA, but was wondering if there would be another solution


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