display message box in excel(2003) using VBA word(2003)

Aug 21, 2012
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Hi guys,
I have been working with VBA since a month and sometime struggle to find the right codes. Although i didnt take any kind of coaching in VBA, most of the solutions i find on the net and with a lot of trial and error, wasting time. I hope you'll will come to my rescue.
I have created a word(2003) template which consists of some tables, the useres fill in the tables and then press a button on the template and then the following things happen:
1) A new excel worksheet(2003) is created with the preset headings and format
2) All the data filled by the users in the word template are exported to that newly created excel sheet.
I want a message box that appears on the excel sheet (and not on the word template) that says "Please save the excel document with a new name!".
Would be grateful if you'll could provide a VBA word (2003) code that displays the message box on the newly created excel 2003 sheet.


Thanks in advance

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