Excel truncates text strings of spaces?




I have a large table in an Access project (.adp), one field of which is
a 20-character alpha-numeric code, where each character signifies something.

The code may contain internal spaces i.e ABCDEFGHIJ 12345678
where char's 11 and 12 are spaces.

However, when I copy the data into Excel some (not all?) of the internal
spaces are truncated, leaving me with 18 and 19 character codes?

Does anyone know why Excel does this and how I can prevent it.

I'm investigating ways to possibly prevent it on the MS Access side but
would welcome any Excel-specific advice.

Many thanks.

Gary''s Student

Insert a single quote (apostrophe) before each of the 20 character strings.


Doesn'y work I'm afraid. I've tried prefixing the strings with an
apostrophe (within Access) but when it's copied over it still happens?

Dave Peterson

I don't use Access, but I've never seen excel do this.

Can you copy|paste into NotePad to see if the problem exists when you paste it

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