Excel Screen refresh while VBA is running




I have the following problem (this is the second time i post this
question, it lools like the first one didn't go through). When a macro
runs in Excel, and the user selects another application, Excel screen
stops being updated. When the user focuses back on Excel, the Excel
screen stays un-updated, and basically show whatever was on display
when the user selected another application in the first place.

This is a bit annoying when the macro takes hours to run and a
progress bar or the Application.Statusbar allows to follow the
progression of the calculations. If the screen is not refreshed
anymore, there is no way to know how much longer the macro is going to

Is there any way arround that? For instance to force a refresh of the
screen regularly, or even better to do this only when excel is the
active application?

thanks in advance


Yes, it posted. Scroll down, it's there. I asked if you tried putting the
DoEvents statement inside your innermost loop.

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