Refresh screen method?


Robert Crandal

When I run a script that password protects all of my sheets, I
noticed that some of the data on my screen is incorrect or
inconsistent with the workbook. However, if I minimize
the Excel application and then restore it, I notice that
everything looks as it should.

This leads me to my question: Is there some sort of "screen
refresh" method that I need to use after I password protect
all my sheets?? I saw a method called "RefreshAll", but
I dont have a clue what that's for?? Which method is
best used to refresh the screen or application??


Hi Robert,

Without access to your particular worksheet I don't know if this will help
or not.

Try F9 to re-calculate

or in VBA code


Rick Rothstein

If OssieMac's suggestion doesn't work for you, then does your "script", or
any other code you run in conjunction with it, ever execute this line of

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

If so, then my guess is you didn't take steps to set the property back to
True before your code ceased executing.

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