Excel Rainfall Chart template



I am lookink for a template for a Daily Rainfall Chart for a Calendar Year,
together with a Summary for previous years.
The daily record should allow the monthly total rainfall & number of days to
be recorded as well as the daily rainfall for each day and a Cumulative Total
of days on which rain has fallen for the year and the Total rainfall for the
year to date.
The Summary for Previous Years should allow for the averages for each month
and for the average of all of the previous years records to be calculated and

Barb Reinhardt

I'm guessing that you won't find a prepared template to do this and you'll
have to create your own. You should be able to get some assistance in the
microsoft.public.excel.templates newsgroup.

Jon Peltier

You're right; there's hardly any chance of finding a ready-made template for this
chart. But it shouldn't be hard to build a custom chart. If Michael describes the
chart types he'd like, he could get some help right here.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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