Excel printing problem



Recently I was working on an Excel file with over 15 worksheets (from
different contributors).
I encountered problem with the print preview and actual printing: the image
shown on the computer screen and then on Print preview (subsequently on the
printed documents) was so different.

After I finished with checking my data, I adjusted the column widths and row
heights on all worksheets, set page margin etc... so they could be printed
But when I switched to print preview, all rows and columns got screwed up,
some text in a single line in the cell were cut off, while other text were
shown to be squeezed upward.
I closed print preview and switched back to the Excel worksheet, everything
looks fine.

It did not happen to all worksheets, only some worksheets went like this,
others were doing what they are supposed to do, they print nicely.
Is there a option button that I could select so all worksheets could have
nice print out, i.e. the same as the worksheet view.

Winnie Fan




Winnie -

I suspect that your different sheets are using different fonts - fonts that
aren't the same as the workbook's Standard or Normal font.

On the menu, go to Tools |Options & look at the General tab. You'll see the
Standard font. Make sure all the cells on all the sheets use the Standard
font and what you see on screen will be LOTS closer to what what prints out.

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