Excel Pop-up Question



I have a spreadsheet with a column that contains a formula. I want to create
a pop-up box that when someone trys to type in the cell it pops up with a
warning of sorts. I do know how to make it so that if some clicks in the
cell it creates a pop-up, but I only want the pop-up to appear when they make
the cell active by double clicking in the cell or typing in the cell.

Is this possible??


Try this
Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange _
(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address = Range("A1").Address Then
MsgBox "Help"
End If
End Sub


Use data validation, input message. Select cell/s go to data validation
select input message, type message



This is somewhat like the code i have already. The problem with this code,
however is that I have many columns in the spreadsheet that contain formulas
and when people are arrow keying all the way across to check numbers and get
the final number in col BL I don't want them to be annoyed by the numerous
pop-ups that will appear once they move accross the cells. I'm looking to
create a pop-up message that ONLY appears if they make a change to the cell
containing a formula by replacing it with a number.

Again, not sure if this is even possible, but usually with excel if there's
a will there's a way. I myself have just started learning how to write code
and create pop-up messages this week, so obviously I still have a lot to
learn. Any help would be much appreciated.




Never mind all. I have answered my own question. Thanks to all those who
helped me learn. I just scratched the service on learning how to write code
and I am very excited!!
Here's what I came up with to solve this solution. (Hope it helps those who
may need similar solutions.)

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address = Intersect(Target, Range("A2:G2")).Address Then MsgBox "Ok"
End Sub

Thanks again to all those who posted replies and those who posted on this
website! It has helped me greatly get a small handle on basic coding!


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