Excel Opens, spreadsheets won't



I am running Excel XP and on the surface, everything is
fine. I open Excel, I open a file. No problems. If however
I choose to open the file (which in turn opens Excel),
Excel will open, showing all the toolbars and buttons, but
the body of the spreadsheet containing the cells is blank
(in fact, it shows the desktop beneath). Bizarrely, I can
still select buttons and options in excel, it is only the
body that is screwed.

This applies to all excel files. They all open perfectly
from within excel.

I have tried to open & repair from within excel. I have
run a Detect & Repair from the Help menu in Excel. I have
gone to Add \ Remove Programs - Office and ran a repair on
the Office install. All to no avail.

Short of uninstalling, are there any other options? Has
anyone seen this problem before?

Any help appreciated.




Ken Wright

Tools / Options / General / uncheck 'Ignore other applications'


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