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I need help creating a macro. I dont not know to write codes, I just record
a macro, doing the steps. See eg. below.
I have been able to copy the vendor name next to the invoice numbers, and
need to go to the next vendor ID "CALADIUM" and repeat the same process.
Also need to continue to end of data .

If codes are given, I would need detail instructions please. THanks

Cristina Seawell

Vendor ID
Invoice #1 6/3/2010 $10.00
Invoice #2 6/4/2010 $20.00
Invoice #3 6/5/2010 $30.00
Invoice #4 6/6/2010 $40.00

Vendor ID
Invoice #5 6/3/2010 $10.00
Invoice #6 6/4/2010 $20.00
Invoice #7 6/5/2010 $30.00
Invoice #8 6/6/2010 $40.00

I made a macro and have been able to copy the vendor ID next to the invoice
Numbers for Brodie, then a search for "vendor ID", and selected the cell
above CALADIUM. then would like to move to next cell below and copy the name
Caladium next to the invoice number(will copy the codes already in the macro)
and continue down the sheet until there is no more data.



Luke M

I think you can do this with no macro at all (or, you can record this
process and possibly have a macro...)
Select used portion of column A (say A1:A100). Press Ctrl+g to bring up the
Go-to dialogue, then click on special. Choose blank cells, ok.
Now, start typing a formula by pressing "=", and then press the up arrow.
You should have a formula referencing the cell directly above the active
cell. Next, press Ctrl+Enter to apply that formula to all selected cells
(which are all the blank ones).

In macro form, this looks like:

Sub FillAbove()
'Change this line as appropriate
Selection.FormulaR1C1 = "=R[-1]C"
End Sub

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