Excel. How to query for certain stats



Hi all i'm new to excel need a little help here. i have a huge data bas
in excel n i wanna search for certain name Eg. Education. Where i ca
get the data of all students having degree if i type degree.. ; wil
get all data of students where i type diploma..

I noe this can be worked using the filter cmd but is there any othe
way where like there is a search field for it so that it can search
return?? Muz i use a macro to set it so that i can retrieve it??

Please help n guide me.




Hi ristanto..........

No macro is needed...........just select any cell in your database, then do
Data > Filter > Autofilter..........and this will put a drop-down arrow at
the top of each column from which you can select anything in that column to
filter on, such as "degree" or "diploma", or whatever.........and just
repeat Data > Filter > Autofilter to restore your database to it's original

Vaya con Dios,
Chuck, CABGx3

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