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Aug 24, 2013
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Hello all,

I am a little new to excel ( I would say a shade past novice) and I would like to know how I could use variables to find a sheet, then find a row, then a column and then paste a number. I want to enter 3 values from drop down boxes and then enter 1 number by way of text (D1) , and then press a button to enter data. I will only be entering 1 number, but the other 3 are for searching. I'll explain it better:

I will have 4 cells: A1 (Location) , B1 (Business) , C1 (Date) , D1 (Metric)
These 4 cells will be the same sheet.

The workbook will have many sheets, and I want to go to the respective sheet that is in cell A1 (The Location cell). The choices for the cell A1 will have sheet names in it.

Once at this sheet I want to search for a specific row using cell B1 ( The type of business cell).

Then I want to find the correct column using the info in cell C1 (The date cell)

So now I should be in the correct cell and I want to paste the data that was in D1 (The Metric cell)

I think I explained that well enough, if I did not I will try another way. Basically what I am doing is this; I work for a big company, it owns lots of little companies, they want a spreadsheet that they can enter data of the little companies very easily and then roll up all the data into one spreadsheet. They don't want a real confusing sheet. So I want a workbook that has a "Data entry" sheet with cascading drop downs. They pick the Location, the type of business, and the date. Then they enter their metric into a cell and hit a button. Once they hit the button I want it to search for the sheet and the cell and paste the number. I hope you understand. Thanks for reading!! :D


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