Excel Help Needed




I have a number of excel documents. These are for individual stores of my
business to record their sales information. What I want is for all of these
workbooks to feed into a seperate "Summary" document.

Details of the stores sheets are... e.g Saved as "Store 1", "Store 2" etc
upto "Store 17".

Data I need copying from each sheet is located on B8, B10, B13... Same upto
H8, H10, H13.

Store 1 should fill in "Summary Sheet" Cells B6 to V6.
Store 2 to B7 to V7 etc.

(so Cell B8 on Store 1 should filter data to cell B6 on Summary Sheet... B10
should filter to C6... Store 2 should filter to B7 and so on)

Any Ideas?


What is in cell B9 from Store1 sheet?, anyway why you don't link each cell
in the summary with the store # sheet, for example in the summary sheet cell
B6 you will enter


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