Excel doesn't seem to save changes. Anyone ever had this happen?



My boss is using Office 2007 with Windows Vista on his laptop. He was
working on an Excel document and would periodically click on "Save." So he
opens the document this morning and everything is fine. He goes to open the
document this afternoon, and the changes he made are all gone.

I thought that he could have maybe saved it somewhere else without realizing
it, or accidently saved it as something else, but it's not appearing in the
recent documents. We tried the search and the only thing that comes up is
the document before the changes were made to it. It was like as if he didn't
do anything to it at all. We also tried looking in Recent in the program
itself as well as the Recent Documents in the Start Menu.

I've tried searching on Google for other simular occurance but the only
results I am getting is people getting error messages. The thing is, there
was no error message.

This is wierd. What could possibly be happening here?

I figure the file may have went corrupt so I suggested to my boss that he
runs ScanDisk and checks to see if it leaves a FILE#####.CHK on his C:\ and
hope that maybe the file can be restored from there by simply renaming it.

If anyone has any other idea what happened or how to fix it, I would
appreciate any advice.


Michael M

A couple of possibilities.
1. Was the file an E-mail attachment, if so, check the E-mail for changes.
2. Was the file on a CD, obviously changes won't take effect.
3. Does the file have macros. There may be a macro that doesn't allow
changes to be made to the sheet.

Michael M


Thanks, but the file was on both the hard disk and a jump drive. We checked
both and neither one has the changes saved. The one on the jump drive seems
to be a shortcut to the document instead of the file itself. I think he may
have used "Copy" and "Paste" but maybe accidently selected "Paste Shortcut."

From what my boss told me, he was saving the file the night before when his
battery cut out just as it finished saving. The next day, everything seemed
fine. I'm wondering if Office detected a power failure and recalled the
session's temp file which appeared normal but afterwards just opened the
regular document file? He says he saved it afterwards though.



The excel file your boss used may be corrupt. I think you can try a
popular Excel file recovery tool called Advanced Excel Repair to
repair your Excel file. It is a powerful tool to repair corrupt or
damaged Excel files.

Detailed information about Advanced Excel Repair can be found at

And you can also download a free demo version at http://www.datanumen.com/aer/aer.exe


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