Excel date displayed wrongly



when I load data to spreadsheet through add-in to the spreadsheet having
dates in the european format - dd/mm/yyyy and number format as *dd/mm/yyyy it
is displyed wrongly (i.e. my source date is 08/10/2008 as general/text and
the data displyed in Excel sheet cell having date format as mentioned above
is 10/08/2008)

This works fine when date(09) is greater than month (08) (i.e. 09/08/2008)
or format is yyyy-mm-dd in regional setting

I don't find any problem in addin;




Is the data you loading in the correct format?

Also check the format of the cells on the worksheet by clicking on cell then
going to menu Format - Cells - Number Format and seeing how the cell is

You have to be able to isolated the problem in the add-in where the problem
is occuring.

Dave Peterson

Just because the values are dates doesn't mean that they are the correct dates.

Try formatting one of the dates in your workbook in an unambigous format (mmmm
dd, yyyy). Then take a look at the original source and see if that date is the
same. I'm betting that the dates don't match.

But I don't know how you're importing the dates, so I don't have a suggestion on
how to fix the problem.




Thanks Joel,
I had already checked the solution suggested by you. the format of date is
"*dd/mm/yyyy" in format cell.

The Data is loaded from add-in which in turn calls dll and I have debuged
the application it found that data return is correct (i.e.08/10/2008 )
and also the results comes to be correct if the returned data has format of

I don't think there is any poblem in VB dll which loads the data and called
from add-in .

Do you know how can I debug Dll made in VB through VBA code

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