Date formatting



I receive Excel data that contain "dates" from several
branches.Some Branches have office 2000 and some have office 2003 and
some more have office 2007.I use Office 2007.Some branches use dbf
files also .I convert them into xls files.apart from this, dfferent
branches use different date formats i.e., dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy or
dd/mm/yy and so on.I want all the data in my PC to have dd/mm/yyyy
format only.How to convert all formats into dd/mm/yyyy without doing
nothing in winXP pro OS?is there any macro?



Bernard Liengme

Dates are stored in Excel as serial numbers; it is only the formatting that
gives display in the US mm/dd/yyyy or the rest-of-world dd/mm/yyyy form. So
all you need do is reformat the cells
If you are importing from comma delimited file maybe the dates are actually
text. Play around with Data| Text to Column; it has a feature to convert
such text to dates
best wishes

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