Excel data disappeared after getting message about compatibility M



I tried to save changes to a spreadsheet, and received the following message:
"Compatibility Report for New Customer List.xls
Run on 4/6/2010 19:52

The following features in this workbook are not supported by earlier
versions of Excel. These features may be lost or degraded when you save this
workbook in an earlier file format.

Minor loss of fidelity

Some cells or styles in this workbook contain formatting that is not
supported by the selected file format. These formats will be converted to the
closest format available."

I clicked OK, because fidelity is not important. When I opened the saved
file this morning, all of the data was MISSING!!!!!!

I have looked and cannot find any way to access my data.



Chalk this one up to goofer error combined with what is a minor bug! ;)

Apparently, when compatibility mode was invoked, the worksheet was expanded
to larger than the display/visible area. There was no way to scroll down to
click on Sheet 1, where the data was.

I was able to shrink the sheet from the upper right corner until it was
small enough to move back up, finally uncovering the hidden Sheet "n" tabs.

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