Excel creates TMP file everytime savig file


Jiri Elias

when I save the file, excel creates tmp file in the same dicectory as the
original file is placed. Everytime i click to save this document, it creates
another tmp file.
When I leave Excel application, tmp files are not deleted.
Is it possible to solve this problem?



Dave Peterson

Excel creates a bunch of .tmp files in the Windows Temp folder. If you're
seeing them in a different location, it may not be excel (I've never seen xl do

It may be your antivirus program.

One person posted that they saw files that had names like: ~RF26c83af.TMP.

It was caused by AVG.

You can read her description in this thread:


A while ago, someone posted back that uninstalling something called "Panda
ClientShield" fixed a similar problem.

Even if you're not running "Panda ClientShield", you could try disabling this
program to see if the problem goes away.

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