excel charts converted into pdf



I'm experiencing the following issue:

I have a handful of charts in Excel that I inserted into Word and then
converted the entire word document into PDF format using Acrobat
Professional. Resulting PDF has black vertical bars in place of
vertical text next to X-axis and title of the Y-axis. Converting
charts into PDF directly from Excel does not produce this problem.
However I must use Word doc. I have XP SP3,MS Office 2003 and Acrobat
Professional 7.0.

Any help is much appreciated.


I've had this happen to me, too, on occasion. Not real often, fortunately.
When I look closely at the vertical text in the Word document, it looks like
it is rendered as a bitmap. In my case, though, the vertical text was not
the axis labels - it was data point labels.

Sometime recopying the chart fixes the problem. In stubborn cases I paste
into Word as a bitmap.

Good luck,

Brian Murphy
Austin, Texas

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