Excel Charting speed



Is there a central point where I can get the most up to date situation on
charting in Excel 2007? Where?

I have a macro that reads a text format log file from another application
and charts the details in near real time. Even my most cut down simulation of
this runs significantly slower in Excel 2007 than 2003.
ScreenUpdating is off, Calculations are manual. Threading is disabled. The
simulation has only data in the worksheet (no objects) plus the chart.
Excel version 12.0.6300.5000 SP1 MSO 12.0.6213.1000
The live data can be 250 columns, 30000 rows, but my simulation test use
about 600 rows, 20 columns, and Excel 2007 doesn't cope.
The simulation is not accessing any other files.


Thanks for helping me decide not to work with Excel 2007 - I'll wait to see
the answer to your post

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