Excel Excel: average range of cells including zeros and excluding blank across sheets

Dec 6, 2010
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I have a very large amount of data which simplified looks like this:

row A B C ....
11 12:00 counts (ranging from 0 - 100s)
12 12:01
13 12:02
14 12:03

I need to:
1. calculate the average for every hour (i.e. from cells 11-70, cells 71-130, etc. all the way to the thousands) for one day
2. I need to include the zeros (i.e. divide the sum by all the 60 cells)
3. I need to exclude any values that are missing (i.e. not get an error)
4. I then need to average the averages over various days (i.e. the average hourly average)
5. I need to do this for over 800 sheets (I don't want to have to go in and type in the formula for every sheet)

Is this possible?

At the end I need to have hourly average of counts for every day and then the average of the hour counts over 7 days. And then I need this to be done for every person.

I would really appreciate the simplest procedure.

thanks a bunch,



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