Excel 2007 strange behavior on two computer



We have moved our users to Office 2007 and we have two users who have this
issue. When opening an excel file, the file does not open. Excel will seem
to open but instead of seeing the spreadsheet you see a pale blue screen and
the ribbon is grayed out. If you click on the office button -> excel options
then click on cancel, then the spreadsheet will appear. Then if you look in
task manager it shows that you have two instances of Excel running. Then
when you try to close, you have to close twice. The first time you close it
closes the spreadsheet, and then you are left with the pale blue screen
again. Then the second time you close you will close this pale blue screen.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled office, I have done diagnose and repair, I
have put SP1 on, nothing seems to correct this. PLEASE HELP!!!



Jon Peltier

Part of the issue sounds like it's showing all windows in the taskbar. You
have to click the big round ugly Office button, then click Excel Options,
and noodle around to change this setting.

- Jon

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