Excel 2007 in Mac or Excel 2008 for Mac?




I've written a very big spreadsheet application rich with VBA coding, Class
modules and using activex controls on userforms. The code is written using
Excel 2007 VBA. The data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server.

Works well and I have deployed the spreadsheet application to all of our
windows PCs. Now the next challenge is that we have 7 MACs (the boss wanted
them). Now he wants the same application on the MACs.

I see there is a software called Crossover that lets you run Windows
applications on the MAC.

1) Should I run the spreadsheet application in Excel 2007 (PC) on the Mac
using this Crossover product? Should I buy Excel 2008 (Mac version) and run
my spreadsheet application through that?

2) Do the controls and all the VBA code run the same on Excel 2007 (PC) as
Excel 2008 (Mac)?

JE McGimpsey

I'd recommend Crossover or Parallels (the latter my preference) with

All VBA functionality was removed in XL08, so your workbooks will
absolutely not work. This stemmed from MacVBA having been stuck at
version 5, and not having the resources to update both Office and VBA
along with a platform change.

MacXL04 has VBA5.0, but not ActiveX, so that's not a good solution

The next version of MacOffice will restore VBA. We'll have to see how
compatible it is (hoping for "entirely", will settle for "mostly").

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