Excel 2007 - display negative numbers with minus sign and parenthe



Excel 2007 - display negative numbers with minus sign and parentheses

We go into format cells - select number - and there are only black or red
choices with or without a minus sign. Don't have any of the choices with

In excel 2003 have choices with parentheses in format cells - number

Is this feature gone in Excel 2007, search help and the help says - with or
without paretheses, but when following instructions there are no options for
parentheses are showing.

OS is Vista Enterprise

Luke M

Could you try using a custom format, something like:


Note that the part after semicolon is how you want to format negative
numbers (in front of semicolon is how to format positive numbers)


Answered it myself. Went into Regional and Language Options, Customize this
But first time I had just changed the negative value on the Numbers Tab
But changed didn't show up in Excel
Went back in and on the Currency Tab, changed the negative number format
there as well.
Reopened Excel now have the format options with parathesis.
Guess needs to be set on both Numbers and Currency tabs for it to show in
Excel properly.

Bernard Liengme

Sounds like you are working with currency. You can change the options using
this procedure
Windows start button|control panel
regional and language options
regional options tab
click the customize button
currency tab
change the negative currency format to show ()'s.

You can always make a custom format. In my set up there is no foramt like
($123.24) with parentheses. Here are some sites I found with Google search
using "Excel 2007 number format"




best wishes

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