Excel 2007 crashes on copying worksheet to new workbook



I'm using Outlook2007. I have a .xlsx Excel Workbook without about 15
worksheets in it. One of them contains a table. This worksheet appears to
function properly; I haven't noticed any problems using the 'Total' row to
sum, count etc, and I'm not having problems using the drop-down options in
the header row to sort, filter, etc. But recently, when I try to make a copy
of this worksheet in a new workbook, by right-clicking on the worksheet tab
and selecting 'new book' with 'make a copy' selected, Excel crashes. When
Excel re-starts, is shows me the 'new' workbook in the recovered /open files
pane, but if I click on the 'new' workbook I get an error message 'Excel
found unreadable content in 'Book3 (version1).xlsb. Do you want to recover
the contents of this workbook?' and if I say yes, the next message tells me
it cannot be opened because the file is corrupt.

I've tried starting with a new, blank, workbook and selecting all the data
in the original worksheet by clicking the top-left hand corner and using copy
and paste to put the data in the new worksheet/workbook - that works, but if
I try and then do the right-click on the tab in the new workbook to make a
new copy in another new workbook, that also crashes Excel. I've tried
converting the table back to a normal range but that made no difference. I
saved the workbook in xls format but the same thing happens. It seems
whatever is causing the crash is embedded in the worksheet but how do I track
down and correct it?


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