Excel 2007 Chart Resizes Automatically



My application is an Add-In on power point. We have created Excel 2007 Chart
on a powerpoint slide (since Power point 2007 charts cannot be edited). Below
are steps I followed:
1. Add an excel worksheet (Powerpoint.Shape )on a slide in the presentation.
2. Update the data on the embeded excel.
3. Create an excel 2007 chart (Excel.Chart) based on the data worksheet.
4. Move the chart on a new sheet on the same slide.

Whenever I change the data in the data Sheet, or even change the chart
title, the chart and the worksheet size increases. Even if I hard code the
size of worksheet still its size increases.
Please let me know how to restrict this auto resize behavior of
Thanks In Advance




I am having the same type of problem. I have embedded Excel 2007 charts that
annoyingly resize if I activate/Edit the OLE object and update the data
range. The "heavy" border around the activated object actually extends past
the bottom of the slide.

I have been able to reproduce this behavior through the following manual

1. Make a note of the current size 6 X 8,
2. Double-click to Activate
3. Right-click on the chart and choose "Select Data..."
4. Press OK - I didn't even change anything.
5. Click on the slide background to "deavtivate"
6. Size is now 7.3 X 7.95

This problem is exagerated when update the data range through code. How can
I keep the size from changing? I have tried setting the size while the Excel
chart is active, but the change is only temporary and goes back in 5 seconds.

I can resize the shape, but then the text looks like it it stretched. I
have been reading through this forum. Inserting the object as a link is not
going to work for my situation. Thanks for any help. What am I doing wrong?

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