Excel 2007 Chart Data Selection- Arrow Keys Frustration



I'm pasting a question I found posted on google but where the answer
required a subscription so I couldn't see it. Can anyone help me with
this same issue?

Pasted (link provided below):

I sure hope somebody can help with this. I have an issue with Excel
2007 that is driving me nuts. If I try to manually edit the chart
source data and try to use the arrow keys to move the cursor left or
right, the press of the key will highlight a cell on the sheet and add
the cell location to the data I'm trying to edit. Example:

Edit series, Series values=XPadDaily!$G$2:$G$22

If I click in the box and press the left arrow key, I get this

If I press the up arrow key, I get "=XPadDaily!$G$2:$G$22+XPadDaily!$G

If I press the right arrow key, I get "=XPadDaily!$G$2:$G$22+XPadDaily!

If I press the down arrow key, I get "=XPadDaily!$G$2:$G$22+XPadDaily!

All I want to do is move the cursor to a point in the original formula
to make an edit. I'm sure this is a setting in configuration, but I
can't find it. I appreciate any help...it's driving me crazy.

Orig Link: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Sof...Office_Suites/MS_Office/Excel/Q_26478826.html


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