Excel Excel 2007 -Auto updation of the sub file data to master file

Apr 7, 2011
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I need help for the below issue. (Excel 2007)

I am working for a private company in Marketing operations. I have 15+ reportees. Every day they send their updated file. For all of them, the format of file is same. But every day values will keep changing in all the files. Additions will be there and deletion will be there and updation of existig values also. Say for example if my member recives a request he/she has to update in the excel file as request received with respective date and detail of that request (like invoice number, value of invoice, Vendor name, event date etc etc There is 26 feilds to be filled for each request). Every day these valuse will keep going. But the request which is showned as received yesterday, will also have some updates as the situation. (I have "received" status for one request yesterday. Tomorrow status will become "Sent for manager review" then after manager approval "sent to Procurement" like this) status will keep changing in all the reportees file.

Till now am using RDB merge. But every day I need to create one new master file. So is there any way or any macro that I can create in my master file... and when I run that it should autometically get updates from different 15 files....

Please help me on this case....



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