Excel 2003 inserts quotes when saving SS as text and comma is pres




I have a spreadsheet that needs to be imported into an Access database. I
am saving the Excel file as text (spreadsheets import so poorly). Problem
is, one of the columns occasionally has a comma or period in the cells. When
this is saved as text (tab delimited) Excel decides it must apply quotes to
the data.

This is extremely undesirable and certainly not needed. The file is tab
delimited, so commas do not need to be sequestered.

How can I 'save as' tab delimited text from excel without excel trashing my
process by trying to help in ways it is not asked to help?

Kevin B

You can save yourself a step or two by starting in Access and doing the

Click File in the menu, select Import Data, Get External Data

In the Link dialog box, change the files of type to Excel and then locate
and select the Excel file and click OK

Select the worksheet you want to use, click Next and then inform Access as
to whether or not the first row contains the field headings.

When you click Finish the data is mapped to the MDB file. You can either
use the data as is or you can run an Append query using the Excel file as
your data source to populate an existing table.

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