Excel 2003 cannot enter product key!!

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microsoft exchange server help!

The computer that i originally uploaded 2003 Office went kaput. I uploaded
it to my new cpu, which runs on vista, and am not able to enter my product
key. This was not a problem at first because I could click off the screen
and run it without entering the PKey.

Now, five months later, I can open the program the same way (by clicking out
of the enter product key prompt) but when the file that i want pulls up it
displays all of my information but will not let me work with the program. I
select cells, but cannot enter any data into them; nor can i edit any of my
saved work.

Any suggestions???????



Gord Dibben

How did you "upload" Office to your new computer?

How did you install Office 2003 without a CD and product key?

Sounds like perhaps you had an old trial version of Office 2003 that has
finally expired but not sure.

Can you provide some more details about origin of Office 2003

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

microsoft exchange server help!


I was able to upload by providing a product key later. Microsoft Office
2003 was purchased brand new from circuit city. I have the original CD,
case, book, and product key; but when i enter the product key in when
prompted, it says that it is incorrect.

For the first few months this was not a problem because I was able to "X"
out of the prompt after it saying that the PKey entered was incorrect and
still get into Excel and do work; but now when I "X" out of it, my file
opens but i cannot work with it.



Gord Dibben

It is time to activate Office.

See Help in any Office Application............Excel for one..........on
"product activation"

From help is this quote.............

What happens if you don't activate your copy of Microsoft Office?

Before you activate Office, you may run it for a limited amount of time.
Microsoft Office will go into Reduced Functionality Mode when this grace
period expires. In Reduced Functionality Mode, you will not be able to save
modifications to documents or create a new document, and additional
functionality may be reduced.

End help quote...............................

You can do this over the Internet or by phone which is all explained in help


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