Excel 07 - deleting filtered items



I have a spreadsheet with some 11,000 rows of data. I have a filter on one
of the columns, and want to delete the rows that have been filtered - but
every time I do it also deletes the rows in between. How can I delete only
the filtered columns AND not leave blank rows in their place?




Select the filtered items and press F5
Select the Special Button
Select Visible Cells Only and OK
Right Click on one of the visible cells row and select delete row



Dave Peterson

I saw this response in a different forum:
The key here is that if you select just the table (or cells in the same rows
as the table) to copy, then you will get the filtered data.

If you select the filtered cells, plus data outside the table (the row
above/below/both) then you will get the entire list (unfiltered).

You can tell what you are going to get by looking at the "running ants"
selection after pressing Ctrl+C. If you see only one area with the running
ants around the outer perimeter, you are going to get the whole table. If
you see several 'mini-selections' inside a larger bold border, then you will
get the filtered data.

Personally, I just use an extra step.
I select the filtered range.
F5 (or ctrl-g)|Special|visible cells only
(alt-; (alt-semicolon) will select the visible cells in the current selection,

Then do the copy|paste.

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