EWF - pagefile - SSD


Martin Stoeger

I am setting up an embedded system with physically 1 GB RAM. The disk is a SSD (SLC) 66 GB. It has to work 24/7 unattended, sudden power failure is possible.

EWF RAM protection for c:\ seems to be obvious. What can I do with the pagefile? There is one LabVIEW application running, also a vnc-server.

Boot partition 1 GB?
pagefile small, also on c:\?

If someone has experience on this topic, I would be happy about useful hints!



Clearly you don't want to put the swap file on the EWF protected
partition. Can you have a second writable partition D: for the swapper?
Or, do you even need the swapper at all? (We have it disabled in our
configuration, but then we have 4GB ram not 1.)

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