Event ID: 5603



A provider, OffProv10, has been registered in the WMI namespace,
Root\MSAPPS10, but did not specify the HostingModel property. This provider
will be run using the LocalSystem account. This account is privileged and
the provider may cause a security violation if it does not correctly
impersonate user requests. Ensure that provider has been reviewed for
security behavior and update the HostingModel property of the provider
registration to an account with the least privileges possible for the
required functionality.

I am receiving this error on a colleagues machine when he is trying to
access exchange server via Outlook over a VPN connection. Please can anyone
advise to possible causes.


Nicola Grey

Wesley Vogel

OFFPRV10.EXE = Office Data Provider for WBEM
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\OFFPRV10.EXE

OFFPRV10.DLL = Office Data Provider Proxy/Stub
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\OFFPRV10.DLL

Event ID: 5603
Source: WinMgmt
[[From a newsgroup post: "I was getting the same error too. The problem is
related to the security privileges not being set properly in WMI Management.
Go to Start -> Run, type wmimgmt.msc, right click "WMI Control (Local)", and
select Properties. Go to the Security tab; expand "Root”, and select RSOP.
Click Security and set the permissions as needed".

From a newsgroup post: "This warning is by design. The reasoning behind the
warning is that we are letting the users know that any WMI provider that
runs under the LocalSystem context is not optimal. Therefore, we just
provide the warning anytime the WMI service starts up. We will be writing a
KB article to keep administrators and users informed on this issue". ]]

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User


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